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 Free Rules of The Black Tarn

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PostSubject: Free Rules of The Black Tarn   Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:41 pm

Free Rules


This is a Tavern. A place for Goreans to come have a drink, relax and enjoy the kajira. Leave the bosk shit outside the door.

Don't start no bosk shit and there will be no bosk shit. TAKE IT OUTSIDE.

Free Women govern yourselves accordingly. There is an Inn attached and you are welcome however, this is a Tavern, My slaves will show heat and dance.

While My slaves are available for use. Sexual pleasures are to be taken to the alcoves.

There are girls that are restricted from sexual use. Their collars are marked with an "R" tag. These girls are new and not yet trained for sexual service.

You may only run a tab for food and drink. To enjoy any of the other services provided, payment must be recieved before partaking of the pleasure. All Tabs must be settled before leaving.
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Free Rules of The Black Tarn
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