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 Slave Rules for The Black Tarn

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PostSubject: Slave Rules for The Black Tarn   Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:43 pm

1. Tavern slaves are NOT silk slaves. We serve Masters as bondmaids and Mistress's as silk slaves. Both styles of serving you will be trained in.

2. Keep post lengths between 3-5 posts per serve.

3. Tavern slaves do not beg permission to enter. Post an entrance, move to your place, kneel, beg permission to greet, greet, then get busy serving. If there is No One to serve, work on lessons, do chores or practice dancing.

3. Tavern slaves are required to post two lessons a week to their lesson boards in their kennels.

4. Tavern slaves are required to post two chores to their chore boards in their kennel a week. These must be done in the room.

5. Tavern slaves need to check into the community and respond to any posts made by either the Tavern Master, the Inn Keeper, the first girl or training girl every day.

6. Tavern slaves need to perform two dances per month in the room and post these to your dance board in your kennel.

7. Tavern slaves are not allowed to travel outside of TBT without the Tavern Masters permission. If you wish to visit D/s rooms, that is fine. Remember to wear your collar with pride.

8. Tavern slaves are highly cherished by the Tavern Master. Conduct yourself not as a cheap whore, but as a high class courtesan.
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Slave Rules for The Black Tarn
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