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 Rules of Cos

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PostSubject: Rules of Cos   Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:46 pm

My father's home is one of the most well protected of all structures on the entire Island of Cos. Guarded continuously from the sea as well as the land, it is impenetrable. A tower on the beach is manned day and night. Tall walls round the perimeter of the compound are partrolled unceasingly. Raids have been attempted many times in the past, the walls and gates bear the scars of each failed attempt. Assassians have plied their stealth in the darkest of a moonless night, they too have failed.

Though the interior appears sparse it is elegantly furnished in its simplicity. Rugs from the Tahari soften ones' steps on the polished stone floors, wooden furniture and large furs from Torvaldsland speak of comfort and encourage convivial conversation in the main hall . Wide windows open inward to catch the sea breeze on every floor. Brilliantly dyed cloth from the Port Of Schendi may be drawn over them when evening comes for warmth and privacy.

The foyer, kitchen and main hall are the rooms open to visitors on the first floor. The second and third floors are private family quarters. A totally glass enclosed room on the third floor can be seen from anywhere on the compound. A large builders' glass cylinder sets on a tripod there, enabling one to scan a complete 360 degree view of our surroundings.

An olive grove, planted by the first Veris Warrior hundreds of years ago still produces olives for oil. Younger trees have been planted by sucessive generations, earning a fine income from the olives oils. A stone millhouse sets longside the sea wall to press the olives to oils. First pressings of the olives are sold to a local Merchant, the second pressing is kept " in house" to light the many lamps and lanterns, season food and for medicinal uses.

An additional structure, a small stone studio was added when I was born. This sets cross the olive grove opposite the sea gate. I call it " Six steps up". Inside a variety of shells are displayed on the walls amd work tables longside sea glass and driftwood left by the tides. Most of these I craft to beautiful, useful things. I trade or sell them as those who see them wish.
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Rules of Cos
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