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 Pit Fighting Rules based on Rowan

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PostSubject: Pit Fighting Rules based on Rowan   Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:47 am

Pit Fighting

Pre-Combat post may be given in any form however, they should include the following elements: Height, Weight, Placement of weapons, stance, distance from foe and weapons. The limit is 6 weapons, 2 defensive and 4 attacking weapons.

Each Warrior MUST post pre-Combat posts in the room simultaneously. Both fighters will be given five minutes to write and HOLD their pre fight posts, only posting them when the Judges or timekeeper calls for them.

The Pit is a 21ft circle, fighter’s starting distance is determined by the distance posted in both prepost’s divided by 2.

- eg: Fighter 1 posts 10ft Fighter 2 posts 4ft. The starting distance will be 7ft both are 3.5 ft from the centre of the pit and 7ft from the pit wall.

Weapons must be from the books.

A coin toss will decide the order of turns. The challenged getting choice of heads or tails, the winner of the coin toss will chose first or second post.
A simple, alternating post system is used 12, 21, 12, 21. "DONE" will be posted in a separate post and in caps to show the post is completed.

Each fighter is allowed four actions per round, two attacks and two defenses, any extra will be void.

There is no need to state which hand your weapon is in as long as you use the weapons stated in pre post, unless you have two of the same weapons in both hands. If you take another weapon you must state where you got it from and with which hand, and it must have been stated in your pre post.

A "tries" or "attempts" must accompany each attack and defense, the words to, at, etc are allowed as long as the action is attempted or tried. If you do not try or attempt your post will be forced. A voided forced post does not void or alter the opponents attack / defense.

You may move, take, draw or drop weapons without the word try or attempt.

The word towards will not replace a try or attempt.

All other maneuvers such as trying to keep a distance should be tried and an explanation of how you are maintaining the distance.

- eg: moves with Him trying to keep the distance to 3ft.

No conclusion to any attack can be posted or the whole attack will be deemed void

- eg: tries to thrust at His neck with sword cutting off his head would be deemed void.

Tries to thrust at His neck with sword trying to cut off his head is valid.

The only abbreviations allowed are lbs (pounds) ft (feet) rt (right) and lft (left)

One post by each Warrior is considered a turn. If your post is “cut off” the words not on the screen for the Judges will not be allowed.

At the conclusion of the turn, the Judges will determine wounds delivered to each Warrior. The Senior Judge's decision may not be disputed. Any arguing with judgment will not be tolerated, a warning may be given and if ignored the Judges may deem to disqualify (See Judging Rules)

A 5-minute time limit will be imposed in which to post, every opponent will adhere to this. Judges will impose a penalty for each minute of late posting and allow the next fighter an extra minute and take a minute off the late posters next post. Once a man posts late the timer will continue to post the time in one min lots.

Time keepers must be experienced and accurate in timekeeping showing the amount of time passed in minutes.

Rowan©Februay 2008
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Pit Fighting Rules based on Rowan
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