This is the Camp website of the Panther Girl Camp Ragna. Be warned, those that enter must be 18 and older!
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 Camp Rules

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PostSubject: Camp Rules   Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:54 am

1. Enter upon your own accord. Know that we do not tollerate the weak of heart. We seek to find and destroy them by the means of true Panther Girls. We will seek those out who show meakness and capture them.

2. This home is still a safe zone for all who enter it until this site is up and fully running. It will be expected as of the date of 12/17/2012.

3. We are neither Northern nor a Southern style home. This is a camp. Be realistic about how you play your entrance. For coming in and just plopping down near us will end you in a collar! Maybe even sever your head from your neck. Depends on how We feel.

4. We do not welcome Assassins who have the mark upon their forehead. If you are on the hunt, leave Our camp.

5. Learn about the Panther Girl camp before you enter it. Know it is a dangerous part that many do not tred. They fear the Panther Girl for we are wild and the hardest to capture. While you think you hunt us, it is indeed within our own forests that you are the hunted one!

6. In order to enter into the camp, you must be aware there are traps. Be real, this is a PG camp. We trap animals, slaves, Free Men, anybody who dares to enter our camp.

7. Know we hunt. We hunt for Free Men who are weak. We hunt for those who prove themselves meager foes. We hunt for the thrill of it! The harder the challenge the more we thrive!

8. Our camp girls are allowed to carry a single weapon. It is sheathed and used for her protection. Be aware she is allowed to use it to defend herself.

9. State in profile what your weapons are, if they are not stated in your profile or entrance, don't try to pull them out of thin air.
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Camp Rules
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