This is the Camp website of the Panther Girl Camp Ragna. Be warned, those that enter must be 18 and older!
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 Trading Rules for those who dare enter our camp

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PostSubject: Trading Rules for those who dare enter our camp    Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:11 am

1. We trade fairly. We offer honey from Vohu. We have pelts of fur for our travels to trade. Expect them to be cleaned and properly maintained. We pride ourselves on the way we live.

2. Those who have a trading treaty with the Camp must be escorted into the Camp of Ragna for their safety. We would not want you double crossed and fallen into a trap for goods We can use.

3. Treatys will be documented and written down for a copy of both the City we trade with and Our Camp.

4. Do not assume because we trade on other times, we have a peace. We are Panther Girls, keep it realistic to the books. We hunt, we fend for ourselves. While it is nice to have the roleplay, once we are settled, we will only trade for what we must.
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Trading Rules for those who dare enter our camp
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