This is the Camp website of the Panther Girl Camp Ragna. Be warned, those that enter must be 18 and older!
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 About Zalika

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PostSubject: About Zalika   Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:17 am

I am the head of the camp of Ragna. I am a Panther Woman. I fear no Man. I respect only the Men that prove themselves true in strength! Any Man I cross that shows Himself weak, I am bound to collar to teach Him and sell Him as a slave! I laugh in the face of fear, I enjoy the good hunt! I travel with My Sister Panther VohuManahPG. She is learning and is in My protection, mess with Her, and I will be a fury to recon with -Laughs evily-

Upon My person can always be found several weapons. I walk with my slim spear in My right hand, tall and strong with a point that will pierce the heart of Man or Beast. Upon My left hip is the hunting knife strapped upon the leather piece of material, and upon my right hip a hidden quiva. I wear ost pins for My protection, do not make Me use them, I am trained to evade and defend Myself! I have yet to fail in doing either in protection of Myself or My Sister!

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About Zalika
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