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 About Vohu

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PostSubject: About Vohu   Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:11 pm

I am Panther Woman. I respect only those that earn it, be they Man or Woman. There is no fear left in Me. I learn the ways of the hunt from My Sister Panther Zalika, and in the end, it is only She that I answer to because She has earned it. I hunt, I learn, I am fearless. Be wary, be warned. I wear the skins of that which I've killed, I am skilled in the arts of the forest.

Carries a slim spear, sheath knife on upper left arm and another on left hip, ost pins and poision pins in My hair and scattered through My clothing, becareful where you grab, especially if you weren't invited. Carries a bow and quiver of arrows slung across My body at all times, and various lengths of rope.
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About Vohu
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