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 City Rules of Fina

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PostSubject: City Rules of Fina   Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:40 pm

Home Rules for Fina

1.Role play entrance is required, exit is optional, but it enhances the role play experience, emergencies and real life interruptions are the exceptions. (R/L emergencies a simple 911 and out is sufficient)

2.Only those of The City of Fina make the Rules and Laws that effect The City of Fina and it's Free and slaves.

3.What happens in FINA, stays in FINA. Anyone, Free or slave caught discussing Fina business with Those not of the Home will be put before the Council of The City of Fina for the consequences.

4.Rule 3 Also includes any of the online papers. City of Fina deals with it's Own problems and does not need the input of all of Gor.

5.Fina Laws extend to The City of Fina Walls and to the Port of Fina and no further.

6.All role play should be Gorean based, keep personal chit chat to IM or PM if possible. Another words no ))(( is accepted. You need to speak OOC then do so in IM, PM or not at all. EMERGENCY 911 MAY BE ((911))No OOCwithout permission in the room

7.Fina grants caste to applicants based soley on it's own standards, no outside group or guild may dictate to Those in Fina the acceptable level needed to practice inside Fina Walls.

8.Free that want to join the Home will have a 30 day probation with temp tags.(CoFP) During which time They will need to decide on a Caste, prove a working knowledge of said Caste. FW were discouraged of working a Caste but are allowed. However FM have to work at a Caste and failure to do so will be taken to the Council and death by impalement

9.A Caste Guild will be added to the Home for Each Guild Fina has to offer. Each Free will develop a Knowledge Outline with a knowledge test that will serve as a Guideline for future Members of said Caste. Participation in Your Caste will be posted upon the Caste Board.

10.During probationary period, Free and slaves must come to the Home at least 3 times a week or more. We understand that RL may sometimes prevent this in which case the Council reserves the right to accept, deny or extend probationary or membership status if the basic condition can't be met for whatever reason. Again this is case by case basis. Members in probationary status may be asked to join the Council due to the Council's need or want. This also case by case basis.

11.A Free in probationary tags may not own any slave of the Home nor may they collar a slave that comes into the room as their personal slave until after 30 days or until their full membership is granted.

12.Free will understand if they come with a slave they keep their slave but that slave meets our standards for levels and so may be dropped or raised a level in training. However ALL slaves including personals will participate on the Gorean Slave Fina Training Site.

13.Kajira will be allowed to serve sensually but no open sexual scening will be allowed unless approved by council first.

14.Complaints will be dealt with by Council Members Whose decision will be final.

15.Assassins are allowed into the Home and will not be an Auto Ban. However Assassins must follow the Codes and Combat Rules. Also an Assassin Must reveal His Mark and that He is hunting at Entrance to the Home. Breaking of this rule will null and void all actions by the Assassin.

16.Free Women of Fina do not have to wear veils in the Home only when traveling and Must be with a Free Man of Fina or Other trusted Free Man.

17.Free Women of Fina are to behave properly at all times. FW in general must maintain their dignity at all times. Dress like a tart get treated as such. A FW of Fina acting inappropriately i.e use of profanity, open sexuality, using emotional abuse towards a male or female slave will result in collar. This collar will not be timed. The first hand of collar the FW will be chained to the Dais to observe and learn what will be expected. Second hand the collared woman will begin to serve the Free of the Home and when not in serve will be caged. Third hand the woman will serve Any that enter and will be able to kneel on the slave furs when released from serve. During this entire time the woman will begin the white silk lessons in the slave community and will do all assignments just as if a new slave to the Home. The FW collared may NOT at any tme be made a personal slave nor will they be allowed to be moved white silk. ***Exception: It is found they are indeed **NOTE: FW enjoy many comforts, freedom of speech, to spend money, negotiate monetary matters with FM, to eat when, what, and where they want, bodies kept as they want, to raise children, to be deceitful, sleep in comfort unless having displeased and FC, refrain from cooking and cleaning, incur debt, to keep private thoughts and have privacy respected, maintain their name, use the legal system, and to be free of torture to testify.******

18.FW visiting will follow the rules of proper conduct. Any profanity, inappropriate gestures, clothing, actions will result in being chained to the Dais and word sent to Their Home, if none claim within 24 hours the council will decide.

19.Kicks and Bans are saved only for room flooders, non goreans, dead goreans.. All others will be allowed to state their reason for entry and allowed or denied access. If Someone is just there to cause strife they will be warned and if they continue We remove voice and let them talk to themselves. Saves alot of fighting that tears Us apart

20.Any Person caught dualing, playing 2 names in Fina or Having slaves under two names or slaves having 2 Free as Owners under double names will be executed by order of the Council. (the council must agree on this if it occurs. if We don't agree they don't die) They will however be placed on a for life ban.

21.Fina will only use weapons that were actual weapons of Gor, no oozies, rifles and etc. All Weapons owned by a Free must Also weapons must be posted as to where they are on Your Person even if hidden

22. Animals in Fina will be animals from the books.No HORSES, No pet larls, pet tarns, or any other animal of gor as a pet other than We suppose gianis.

23.Last but certainly not least No CREATURES OF OTHER DIMENSIONS, ROBOTS, DEVILS,ANGELS, GOD,VAMPIRES, GHOSTS OR WITCHES!! Hopes this covers all the realms of non Gorean types.

24.One more for Gor. This is not BDSM this is Gor. Please read the books and learn the role play or the lifestyle or do not bother

25.Order of Fina is simple, Adm, FM, FW, slaves - Council privelage is just just, a privelage and may be offered to You.
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City Rules of Fina
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