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 Melee Fighting Rules based on Rowan

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PostSubject: Melee Fighting Rules based on Rowan   Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:47 am

Turn Base Melee

Melee consists of an intent post, an initial attack post and is followed by posts containing one attack and one defence until a time limit of 15 mins is reached. The original attacker having the last post consisting of a defence.

This sequence is repeated until the time limit of 15 minutes is reached. If your attack/defence hasn’t been answered within two minutes then proceed with your next attack.

The beginning or intent post must state the distance you are from your foe, his/her name, and the weapon you intend to attack with. Then you must post a time stamp, which is used to base the duration of the melee.

It is not necessary but would be an advantage for you to post your own time stamps at the end of your opponents post and at the end of yours so that you can check the time yourself and have an accurate room scroll containing your times in case of a dispute.

Posting consists of an initial attack from he who posted intent

The defender will then respond to the attacking post with a post of their own; the post will include a defensive action for stopping the attack and a counter attack. In some cases the defender may chose to attack before defending. The final judgement on whether it works or not is up to the Judges.

Posting is limited to the aggressive and defensive actions, you may move between them but once you attack your post is over. To add more is to "close the post."

There is a ten foot movement rule per post and if you move more than ten ft the movement which takes you over the ten feet will be voided and you will be at the position you were at before you made this move.

Eg: moves 7ft forward defends moves 4ft rt attacks.

In this example you would be where you were after you moved 7ft forward the whole 4ft move would be void.

Basic Rules

You must state the name of the person you are attacking in your intent post.
You must state distance in the first attack
You must state weapon and what hand you have it in
Weapons must be from the books and stated in your profile.
You must state how you move this weapon to attack eg: thrust, swing, slash and direction if not a thrust, and to what part of the body you are attacking.
You must try or attempt your attacks and defences the use of the word towards does not negate the need to try or attempt. A voided forced post does not alter, void or negate your opponents attack.
There is no need to try or attempt to move or take a weapon
You are allowed to move a total of 10ft in each post.
You must be aware if he or you move sideways or circle you must turn to face. Moving sideways is deemed to be side stepping continuing to face the same way.
You must state try if you are trying to maintain a distance and state how you intend to do this, eg follow his moves/move with him trying to get and keep to 4ft.
Allowed abbreviations are lbs, ft, rt and lft. The abbreviations ccw, opp, cw, pp, ss etc are not allowed.
A forced post is the presumption of an outcome. You may use to or at etc when attacking but you must try or attempt both attack and defences.
Weapons must be stated in your profile and must be from the scrolls.
Once the attack defence has been posted you may not post anything further to close the post.
eg: Warrior2: tries to lift shield on lft arm trying to cover lft shoulder to defend sword tries to thrust sword in rt hand towards his gut moves back 3ft turn to face ..wrong
Warrior2: tries to lift shield on lft arm trying to cover lft shoulder to defend sword tries to thrust sword in rt hand towards his gut ...correct
In the case of a dispute each combatant may elect to have their own judges give a verdict. The judges will be unbiased and it would be an advantage for them to discuss it. If an agreement cannot be reached by these two judges then the judgment goes to the senior Man of the home the melee was in who was not involved in the melee or the judgment.
A full explanation of Judgements should be given.

Rowan©Februay 2008
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Melee Fighting Rules based on Rowan
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